If you have a question that is not featured on this page, feel free to ask it in the comments, or send me an e-mail to heddwen (at) heddwennewton.com. (And yes, that email address does make me feel a bit narcissistic.)

I don’t get this website

This is basically just my company website to present my skills as a teacher and translator to the world. Hence its name. It’s not supposed to be a big deal, just a place where potential clients can find out who I am and also a place where I can post  my privacy statement and terms and conditions.

However, I am currently doing research into peer-feedback among translators so I am using this website to blog about that, because I think “crowdsourcing” information is a great thing and the more people I reach and the more people give me feedback and information, the better my research will be!

I will also be sharing the results of my research, including the information that will not make it into my master’s thesis.

If you are a translator Dutch-English, then why doesn’t this website have a Dutch version?

Because I haven’t had time to make one yet 🙂

Where do the pictures come from?

The original pictures come from the British Library. They are free of copyright because they are so old. The comics are made by me, using a combination of Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook.

Do you have any comics you created that didn’t work on the website after all, but that you would really like to show to someone just because they took such a heck of a long time to make?

Why, yes!

This was supposed to be the home page header, with the speech balloons being links. But then I realised we no longer live in the 90s, websites have to be responsive, and this picture would be way too small on a smartphone.

This was on the website while I was still building it. It took a looong time to build this website so these girls were a wonderful representation of my annoyed-at-myself and slightly schizophrenic brain during that process.

This was going to be the header after the birds didn’t work out. But it was just too big. I might just make a series of this man holding forth on various subjects and have the woman’s line remain the same.