Questions answered

Why didn’t you just choose some other name for your website, if it is such a big deal?

I probably should have.

At the time, my thinking was: If I choose something like “” then that would confuse my clients who know me as a freelance translator. And if I choose something like “” then that would confuse people coming here for my research. Also, as a freelance translator my company name is simply Heddwen Newton*.

So the other option is to think of a neutral-sounding company name, like “pazzaz” or “gibledyhook”; something that could be anything. But that makes me feel too grand, and it would make my site more difficult to find.

So in the end I decided to keep and post my misgivings on the front page. So there you go.

* From being a project manager for a translation company I know that lots of freelance translators have a separate company name. It can be confusing, because I communicate with them using their first and last name, but I always have to remember their company name, too. So I decided to keep things simple when I set up shop and make the two names the same.