Where have I posted the link to my questionnaire?

The great thing about doing research among translators is that there are a lot of groups and forums where I can disseminate my questionnaire. And I mean a LOT. Translators just love hanging out online!

I am indebted to the brilliant Erik Hansson for his amazing comprehensive list of translator Facebook groups. If you would also like this list, you can download it here (the link opens straight into a zip-file which you then need to unpack). )

24 January 2019

The League of Extraordinary Translators (Facebook)

25 January 2019

Standing Up (Facebook)

Vertalerskoffiehoek (Facebook)

29 January 2019

TranslationStudies subReddit

Proz.com professional development forum

Proz.com proofreading/editing/reviewing forum


√úbersetzerInnen (Facebook)

Translators and Interpreters (Facebook)

The freelancing student (Facebook)

30 January 2019

Digital Nomad Translators (Facebook)

Translators help translators EN-DE-IT-FR-ES (Facebook)

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