About me

I am a translator from Dutch to English, specialised in newsletters and blog posts.

I also own the Dutch website hoezegjeinhetEngels.nl, where I discuss difficult-to-translate Dutch words and expressions and their least-awful translations.

I have a master’s degree in English education and communication, and another one in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

As is mentioned on the front page I am not a big fan of having a website that is my own name, but it exists for the purposes of  hosting my privacy statement and my terms and conditions for my work as a translator.

One day soon I’d like to use this website to write about the subjects that I’m interested in. But right now I’m focusing on my other website and on my work as a translator, because I need to pay my rent and feed my children. (Annoying.)

I need work 😉

I’ve just come out of parental leave and am looking for more work as a translator. If you have something or know something, let me know!

email: info (at) heddwennewton.com