How Twitter ruined my morning (and I hadn’t even tweeted anything)

I have been spending all morning, a morning that should have been spent writing my thesis I might add, thinking about this tweet:

I’m half Dutch and felt personally attacked by this tweet. Somebody from the outgroup is criticising my ingroup, and ouch!, it hurts.

A few possible replies that went through my head:

Tell me, what collectivistic, enlightened culture are you from where everybody cares for eachother all kumbayah?

Then I tried to find out where she was from by looking at her Twitter feed, but couldn’t. Then I figured she sounds like a native speaker and is called “mom in NL” and not “mum in NL” so it’s probably USA or Canada but statistically it’s probably the US (because more people there). So I thought about

And where are you from? Because the US went and egocentrically hoarded all their vaccines and now they don’t have to worry about how their population will respond to the summer season.


And you’re from New Zealand, are you? Because any other English-speaking country means you are a hypocrite.

Oh no wait New Zealand could be said to be rather nasty for just not letting anyone in anymore, including people who have like dying grandmothers and stuff. So scrtch that one.

Then I thought: Hypocrisy arguments are weak, because 1) everybody is a hypocrite in some form, 2) you can be a hypocrite but still do or say the right or true thing and 3) it just gets people’s backs up. Also, I’d be generalising, and that’s exactly what annoyed me with her tweet in the first place.

So I thought let’s tell her generalising is bad

Wow, generalise much? The only thing this tweet is going to achieve is getting people’s backs up and making a polarised society even more polarised.

Or is it the exaggeration that’s the problem?

Wow, exaggerate much? The only thing this tweet is going to achieve is getting people’s backs up and making a polarised society even more polarised.

But then I thought, but perhaps she’s exaggerating on purpose, to make a point and to get attention. The problem is that well-thought out, nuanced tweets don’t get a lot of attention. So perhaps I shouldn’t blame her for going this route.

I’m not sure what I think about the Dutch government’s relaxing of Covid regulations (infections are still happening, but hospital admissions are down); I’ve given up on having an opinion about Covid ever since Germany started doing just as badly as the Netherlands even though they were making better choices on paper. I don’t understand anything anymore. But I’m not against people staying at home just a little bit longer. Wait, do I agree with her?

In the end I decided I just hate Twitter, didn’t reply anything, and went back to writing my thesis.

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