Official stuff (Impressum)

Because I am based in Germany*, I am legally obliged to have this page with my name, address and tax number. (Other countries also oblige freelancers to do this, to be fair, but in Germany it has to be a separate page called “Impressum” which actually is quite clear for everybody when you think about it. Ordnung muss sein, people!)

The privacy policy for this website is here. Should you decide to retain my services as a translator, my privacy policy is here (I have a separate one for my website and as a translator, it made sense to me to do it that way) and my terms and conditions are here. These are the English translations, the original German versions are below.

* I met a lovely German man person on holiday in 2013. The rest is history.

And here’s the German stuff.

Name: Heddwen Newton

Funktion: freiberüfliche Übersetzerin und Lehrerin

Firmenadresse: Gebäude P-C-194, Leopoldstr. 2-8, 32051 Herford, Deutschland

Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE319494782

Hier finden Sie meine Datenschutzerklärung (Webseite),  Datenschutzerklärung (Freiberüfliche Übersetzerin) und AGB auf Deutsch.