About this site

I dislike having a website that is my name. But as a translator, I needed a website to post my privacy statement and my terms and conditions – a legal requirement.

So, you know, here we are.

I also own the websites hoezegjeinhetEngels.nl and EnglishforDutchpeople.nl which are NOT my name and make me feel much less self-conscious.

One day I will use this website to write about my ideas about THE WORLD, which kind of is the exact opposite of how I feel about this site as stated in the first paragraph. Oh well. People are contradictory, life is messy, insert other platitude here.

The day when I sharpen my pen, uhm, flex my typing fingers, and start promulgating on this site has not yet arrived, however. Right now I am focusing on hoezegjeinhetEngels.nl. It needs a newsletter! And a social media presence! And an alphabetical index that actually works!

And I need money to feed my children!

So, that’s me. How are you?