Tuesday Book Club Schedule

DateHostBookGenre & pages
Tuesday 7 May 2024HeddwenGentleman Overboard by Herbert Clyde LewisRediscovered novella (120 pages)
Tuesday 4 June 2024MarilynSpare by Prince HarryMemoir (416 pages)
Tuesday 2 July 2024Maren KGun Love by Jennifer ClementNovel (230 pages)
Tuesday 6 August 2024
Tuesday 3 September 2024
Tuesday 1 October 2024
Tuesday 5 November 2024
Tuesday 3 December 2024
Christmas party

If you can’t come to a particular meeting, you may join one of the other two groups for that month. The Wednesday schedule is here, the Thursday schedule is here. Message Heddwen a few days before the meeting to get the location.