English improv Bielefeld

Do you speak English?

Do you want to get to know some other English speakers in Bielefeld who have a wacky side?

Can you be silly in front of other people?

Then come join our English-speaking improv group!

Do I need to have experience?

I could do with a few people with experience, but any fun-loving English speaker is welcome. You need to be willing to be silly in front of other people. You need to be willing to move your body – improv can make you sweat! Oh, and you need to be able to speak English, of course.

How good should my English be?

You should be a native speaker or a near-native speaker (C1/C2).

Will it be fun?

So much fun.

Do I need to audition to join the group?

Yes. For an improv group to really work, the group needs to work. Come to a meeting, have fun, do not think of it as an audition. We’ll let you know afterwards if we think you are a good fit.

Are there any age restrictions?

The group is for adults, so that means 18+

When do we meet?

On average, once a month. We’ll plan the next meeting via Doodle every time, to make sure most people can be there.

Where do we meet?

In Heddwen’s living room, in Brackwede. Or in a park when the weather is good. (Other location suggestions welcome.)

What does it cost?

Nothing, just your time.

Will we perform for an audience?

Maybe. In Summer, perhaps, outside, during the day, super low stakes.

Sounds great, how do I join?

Leave a message in the comment section below, or email me on theatre (at) heddwennewton.com.

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